Let’s End Corrupt Politics

Our political system is currently dominated by corporate donors and Super PACs that buy and pay for our elected officials. Too many of our leaders work for their big donors rather than the people who vote for them. We need comprehensive and clean campaign finance reform that returns power to where it belongs – with the American people. Americans deserve free and fair elections: free from corporate and big donors and fair to all people without gerrymandered districts and restrictive voting laws.

Let’s Fix the Healthcare Mess

The United States should catch up to every other modern nation and implement a healthcare solution where all people have the health coverage they need. I think the best way to do this is to implement a Medicare for All system. I believe it is morally right to support healthcare for all. I also believe that there are good economic reasons to support this. The current system of pushing the health insurance burden to employers limits the growth of small businesses and keeps entrepreneurs from chasing their dreams.

Let’s Enact Meaningful Tax Reform

The biggest problem in our tax code is huge loopholes that allow big corporations to get away with paying virtually no taxes. The corporate tax burden shouldn’t be shouldered by small business owners. We also need tax relief for middle class and working families so that they can keep more of their hard-earned money.

Let’s Budget Wisely and Competently

The federal budget, when our leaders even bother to pass one, is completely out of control. I support reducing government waste and investing in the types of things that will benefit the most American possible. To this end, I support creating a public higher education system so that people can get the education and job training they need without going into crippling debt. I also support repairing our crumbling infrastructure.

Let’s Invest in a Green Energy Economy

As our climate changes is in incumbent upon us to adapt appropriately. Investing in green technologies like wind and solar power means we can do what’s good for both the environment and the economy.

Let’s Create a Welcoming Society

I believe, as President Ronald Reagan used to say, that America is a “shining city on a hill.” We are at our best when we make sure that there is liberty and opportunity for all. We need to fix our broken immigration system and provide new Americans with a swift path to citizenship without dividing families who are already living and working in our country. We must also make our border secure and make it easier for people to come to this country safely and legally. We also need to support the rights of all people, regardless of their race, nationality, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Let’s Reimagine a Safe and Just World

It is beyond time to take the steps necessary to curb gun violence and school shootings. From common sense reforms that don’t infringe on Americans’ Second Amendment rights to investing in education and research, we need to have a concerted national effort to keep ourselves and children safe. It’s also time to work for greater justice by ending our for-profit criminal justice system and prison labor, private prisons and detention centers, mandatory minimums, and all the other ways our criminal justice system profits off the vulnerable.