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Today’s Republican leadership has strayed far from their roots: Empowering people to live their lives freely and on their own terms, controlling costs and spending wisely, being good stewards of our national resources, lifting up our neighbors when they are in need — and most importantly, having the integrity to be accountable for our actions.

“The American public isn’t interested in labels. They’re interested in policies that work for everyday Americans.”

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Arkansas needs a representative

Robb Ryerse has been a minister for over 20 years. Today he co-pastors Vintage Fellowship, nestled in Northwest Arkansas, with his wife Vanessa. Vintage Fellowship is a radically different kind of church that welcomes all people and is a member of OPEN, a network of progressive-leaning churches. Robb is an Eisenhower Republican who wants to help lead the party back to their roots of responsible stewardship, personal liberty and equal opportunity for all -- qualities he finds lacking in today’s Republican leadership. After serving his Arkansas community as pastor for the last 12 years, Robb is answering a different call today: The call to run for United States Congress, bringing integrity and compassion back to the halls of government.

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What We Can Achieve Together

End Corruption

Super PACs should be banned, private donations to politicians and campaigns should be banned, and a clean public financing system should be implemented to end the takeover of our government by corporations and billionaires. Americans deserve free and fair elections — free from the corruption of big money donors. The Supreme Court has effectively legalized bribery. It’s time for an Article 5 convention to take our Democracy back from the brink of Oligarchy.

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Create Medicare For All

The United States should catch up to every other modern nation and implement a single-payer, medicare-for-all system. There’s no reason we can’t be #1 in the world instead of #37. It’s time to end the destruction of American healthcare by rapacious, price gouging, for-profit, private health insurance middlemen.

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Create A Just Justice System

It's time to end our for-profit criminal justice system by ending prison labor, private prisons and detention centers, cash bail systems, and all the other ways our criminal justice system profits off the vulnerable.

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Create free public higher education

In America, every child deserves a chance to succeed. A college education should be a right, not a privilege. Educating the citizenry of a nation pays dividends in the long run, with the economy getting back much more than is initially put in. Crushing student debt for higher education would no longer burden young men and women trying to improve their lives through hard work. We should strive to have the best education system in the world.

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Raise the Minimum Wage

This is about justice and basic human decency. If you work hard and you work full time you shouldn’t live in poverty. Furthermore, we support strong unions and collective bargaining.

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