You deserve a voice in Washington

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Finally, a voice for Arkansas that is speaking up for the kinds of policies that will make all of our lives better in a meaningful way. Can’t endorse Robb strongly enough.

Dr. Jesse Gray

I support Robb Ryerse for Congress because he brings an independent and level-headed voice that comes from real world experience and wisdom.

Janet Boote

I support Robb Ryerse for Congress because he has a heart for people and a head for progress.

Kathy Freeman

Robb’s been a leader in his community for years before we came along. He’s the kind of person who ruminates over issues and gives people a fair shot. It’s no surprise that his community nominated him to run for Congress, and we look forward to seeing his leadership as an elected official.

Brand New Congress

Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

Moms Demand Action

Robb is a solid supporter of Medicare for All.

DUH - Demand Universal Healthcare

Vote May 22nd

Ask for a Republican Ballot

Voters in Arkansas’ 3rd Congressional District deserve a voice in Washington DC. They deserve to have a representative who will put their needs first and lead in a way that will actually solve the biggest problems we face as a country.

Unfortunately, most of our politicians have been bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists and special interest groups. Most of our politicians are nothing more than hacks and rubber stamps for the party establishments. As a result, our elected officials consistently put the desires of their corporate donors and party bosses ahead of the needs of everyday Americans.

This is a big reason why so many people feel so hopeless and cynical about politics. They feel like they don’t have a voice.

But Robb believes the government ought to work for real people. Nobody should have to worry that their elected representative won’t actually represent them.  And that’s why Robb’s running for Congress.

Robb isn’t taking money from corporate donors so that his loyalty will remain where it belongs – with you, the voters. He’s not scared to question the party establishment when it needs to be challenged. And he’s committed to putting the needs of people first, which means fighting for healthcare for all, meaningful tax reform, wise and competent government spending, investing in a green energy economy, and immigration reform.

You can help end the corrupting influence of money in politics and break the stranglehold of the political establishment. You can have confidence in a government that is actually working for you. You can have a voice in Washington DC – by electing Robb Ryerse to Congress.